Bucket List

Recently I’ve been having occasional irregular heartbeats and I decided to go to the doctor to get it checked out. I currently have to wear a heart rate monitor and haven’t found anything out yet but I’ve taken the first step so we’ll just take the next one as it comes. It got me thinking (weird) about our time here on Earth and how impossibly short it really is. So I’ve started a short-term and long-term Bucket List of things I want to do while I’m still able. The rules I placed on the list were: (1) each short-term goal must be attainable (2) each goal must be specific (3) each goal must be something outside myself or changing things about myself.


In the short-term (by the end of 2014) I will:
– Finish training & begin coaching classes at the gym downtown Des Moines
– Start a daily yoga practice for mindfulness
– Send two random care packages to friends
– Finish my last two AHM classes
– Attend at least three more networking events

In the long-term I want to:
– Buy my first puppy
– Hold a position on a Nonprofit Board of Directors
– Visit Sequoia & Yosemite National Parks
– Hike The Grand Canyon
– Go back to Italy
– Complete a 200 hour yoga teaching certification
– Publish a short story or poem
– Live outside of Iowa for at least two years
– Address my own wedding invitations (even if it’s just the name on the address)
– Own a piece of land in the Midwest or in Colorado
– Buy a house to fix up
– Paint or create something for my home

Reflecting on my list, I am incredibly proud. For reasons I will keep to myself, I am proud. I want to live a life of happiness and appreciation. Tackling these small steps may help me on my way.


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