Keeping Sight.

It’s been ages since I’ve let myself sit down and document my feelings onto this blank canvas of a blog and although I know not many people read what I have to say, I have to admit that it can be incredibly cathartic to write down what you’re experiencing.  I’ve been distracted, at best, recently though.  Summer is always an incredibly busy time for everyone and where it is so beautiful to have the opportunity to share time with others, I also think it is so easy to lose sight of yourself in the process.  I sure did.

My journey (this blog) began nearly five months ago with the hopes of helping me keep hold of myself; to stay in tune with my desires, my headaches, and my needs.  Since I lost sight of my goal, I’ve decided to begin two new goals to finish out the year by showing personal growth and gratitude for this beautiful world I’m lucky to call home.

  1. #100dayshappy on Instagram:  My life/journey to gratitude in photos.  I noticed that other’s personal happiness projects used to annoy me on social media but now I find them incredibly empowering.  When you remove negativity from your life, you really open yourself up to something wonderful (an open/eager awareness of the people in your world).
  2. Recipe of the week:  After realizing the summer not only took a toll on me emotionally but also physically, I’ve decided to return to my cleaner eating approach.  My hopes are that this will also boost my master chef street-cred.  I have 376 pins on Pinterest involving food (which is just ridiculous), so I will be selecting the best options for a new 18 week challenge.  I will probably share my journey (inevitable fails and unexpected triumphs) here and incorporate some into my #100days as well.

It may seem ridiculous to many that I need different challenges in order to stay fulfilled but I’ve come upon a major realization about myself this weekend; I am a wanderer.   Not in the sense that you may think.  I do love traveling and meeting new people, unraveling new culture into my life, and seeing parts of the world, specifically in nature, than I’ve ever seen before; but I am a wanderer in the sense of daily life and relationships.  I find that I move on from things quickly if they are not suiting my soul.  Ironically, I also find that I hold on to things that have hurt me in the past.  So I wander to find new things and I wander to protect myself against past heartache.  This has posed a unique challenge for me in my relationships and decisions throughout my life but I think owning it and harnessing its potential to keep me challenged (in a way that not many other people allow themselves to be) will be an incredible experience for me.  As anything, the first step is identifying the issue.  I’ve done that.. I’ve informed my loved ones on the matter.. and I’m ready to accept the challenge of accepting it as part of my unique identity here on this Earth.  So here’s to a challenge within a challenge within a challenge!  To constantly keep evolving and finding the beauty in the day-to-day!  


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