My name is Steph; I am a fiery and determined young woman currently living in Des Moines, IA. I work in health administration/management. I love being outside and exercising. I am a caffeine addict with a growing love for red wine and peanut butter. I am passionate about art, wellness, and music.  One day I will actually pick up the acoustic guitar my father bought me and take a lesson.  I love cooking even though I tend to make the same three meals over and over again. Hopeless day-dreamer for a beautiful life; I am a direct reflection of the people that have loved me throughout my life. I started this blog to document my journey to finding myself once again and silence my inner-critic for good. Join me?

Confession #1:  I am a woman seeking a French Bulldog to love.

Confession #2:  I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing in life!

Confession #3:  I love eating peanut butter by the spoon and I’m completely unashamed of this.

Confession #4:  I spend entirely too much time worrying.

Confession #5:  I’m incredibly indecisive.

Confession #6: After setting the goal of silencing my inner critic in the 275 days of 2014 I realized that I miserably failed and find myself at the beginning of the same journey in 2015

I will continue to periodically update my confessions throughout the new year to show you exactly what my thoughts are while on this journey.  I welcome questions so don’t hesitate to ask!


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  1. I love your about me page! Especially because I’m a fellow lover of red wine, a recovering veggie with a penchant for proscuitto (just had some last night!) and also love leading an active life – complete with yoga! I’m excited to follow you through this journey of self-discovery. I know it’ll be an exciting ride! 🙂

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