“Is this Heaven? No, it’s Iowa”

I’ve decided to highlight the things I love about Iowa and post them here so that anyone who visits the page can access information to my favorite places, restaurants, events, and gain general knowledge about the state that I call “HOME”:

Des Moines is currently where I call HOME.  Below is a list of places to go, things to do, and most importantly… places to eat!

  • Restaurants to try in Des Moines
  • Neighborhoods to visit
    • Valley Junction– quaint shopping area among suburban living
    • Beaverdale, home of the iconic Beaverdale Brick homes– this neighborhood is charming and fun with its strip mall area of shops and restaurants
    • East Village, downtown Des Moines– my favorite area of the downtown scene; this neighborhood has plenty of boutique shops and high-end restaurants to try just a walk away from the State Capitol building!

The University of Iowa was my home for nearly five years.  I love everything about the campus, the people, and the town surrounding the University.  Here are a few places to stop if you’re ever in the Corridor:

My love for homegrown food and specialty products leads me to these… my favorite whole foods stores in the state:

  • New Pioneer Food Co-op (winner by a landslide): This place has the most amazing produce, prepared foods, and wine selection in the Iowa City area.  It is run by dedicated workers that love the community they serve.  A must stop if you’re in the Hawkeye city.
  • Gateway Market:  This is by far my favorite work week lunch spot in Des Moines.
  • Whole Foods Market (West Des Moines): Whole Foods needs no explanation but a link is listed below.
  • Campbell’s Nutrition:  This place was around before the health craze really began and has stuck it out because of its simplicity.  LOVE.

This page is still “under construction“. Check back later!

Under Construction


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